Jul 05, 2014 A Small World: Update Report

Hey everyone! We just wanted to give you a quick update on Astraea: ASW. We have updated the game a lot over the past number of weeks, and all the platforms are running on the same version right now. So now that the game has all known critical bugs fixed, we are moving forward with the main Astraea game.

We are aiming at releasing an alpha version in mid-August, so we need to get to work!

We will definitely trickle some of the Astraea content into ASW so you can expect an update in 1 - 1.5 months.

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Jul 01, 2014 A Small World: Update 1.2.3

Hey everyone! We are rolling out a quick update that is scheduled for immediate release. You can check out all the changes below ...

- Fixed a bug that would cause chickens to never go hungry.
- Fixed a bug that allowed the player to leave the boat while casting. This would result in weird animations.
- Fixed some text not fitting in the Food Market GUI.
- Moved the Horse & Boat buttons off to the right side of the screen.
- Fixed a bug that caused text to not fit in the Building Manager.
- Villagers & Chickens will now eat a LOT slower! So stored food will no longer instantly be gobbled up!
- Villagers will no longer wait by the food market until they are 100% full. If the food market runs out of food, and they are at least 25% full, they will wander back home.
- Potentially fixed a bug that could cause the player to get stuck in a swimming state.

This update will be rolling out on all platforms ASAP!

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Jun 28, 2014 A Small World: Update 1.2.2

Hey everyone! We are beginning to roll out version 1.2.2 of Astraea: A Small World! You can check out the changelog below ...

Fishing Update #2!
- Fish now have names and food values associated with them.
- You can now fish inside the boat.
- You can no longer walk through trees
- Increased the font size of all buttons and labels.
- Increased the size of all buttons.
- Fixed a bug that caused chickens to refuse to eat, which in turn would cause them to not lay any more eggs.
- Extended the time before a rock or tree is destroyed.

You can grab the latest version from your Norwind account right now. Other platforms will see this update appear throughout this week!

Also - here is a free key for Astraea & Astraea: ASW! You can redeem this in your Norwind account! To the person who gets it first - congrats!


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Jun 23, 2014 A Small World: Update Rolling Out

Well after some thinking, we decided to start rolling out version 1.2.1 of Astraea: ASW! This update mainly adds fishing (as well as some bug fixes). This is our first implementation of the fishing mechanics. The next update (1.2.2) is already in the works and has a bunch of awesome new things ready to go (fishing in the boat, different fish names & catching probability).

So we figured we'd release 1.2.1 a little early and get some feedback! Do you like how the fishing works? Or do you hate it? We want to know! We would love to include any tweaks and fixes before the next update submission (usually on Fridays).

You can find the change log 2 posts down.

Anyway, Enjoy!

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Jun 22, 2014 A Small World: PS Vita News

Hey everyone! Hope your weekend has been going well! So as we mentioned in the previous post, we were examining the possibility of porting the game over to the PS Vita.

Well as of yesterday we managed to get the game running successfully. We needed to turn down the graphical quality significantly and even then we could only get the game running at 15-20 FPS (Frames Per Second). So for now we have decided to hold off on a Vita release.

We will take another look at it in a few months but for now we want to focus on adding more content to the game.

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