Feb 14, 2015 Astraea Update Out Tonight

Tonight at midnight another Astraea patch will be going live! Here is the changelog ...

ADDED Tab support for the login fields.
ADDED Villagers will use umbrellas when it starts raining.
ADDED New speech bubbles! This is a gradual change which will likely be completed in the next patch.
CHANGED Tweaked the intro tutorial to use the new speech bubbles as well as a custom input box (will be changed more yet).
FIXED Wave animation works again.
FIXED An issue with the server list that caused the online towns to overlap each other.
FIXED An issue with the server list that caused towns to stay stuck in the list even after it was locked/offline.
SIDENOTE Lots of behind the scenes stuff to improve compatibility with other platforms.

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Jan 24, 2015 Astraea 1.0.8 Update - Out Now!

Hey everyone! It's that time again and a new patch has rolled out for Astraea! While the update appears to be small, there are a LOT of behind the scene changes. The past few months have been very crazy for Astraea. Lots of amazing things have happened and to account for that, the game needs a variety of tweaks.

Besides that we are focused on revamping the GUI for the game. Right now we are using a fairly inefficient method to show the interface. This causes the game to run unnecessarily slow on certain machines. This is a surprisingly time consuming process to convert each interface element to the new GUI. So while updates should be coming out more regularly (every 1 - 2 weeks), the patch notes may be a bit smaller than usual until the interface is converted.

And here are the 1.0.8 patch notes! The update is available on all platforms right now!

FIXED A number of network syncing related issues when placing down buildings (multiplayer only).
FIXED An issue where networked objects would spawn under the ground and float upwards.
FIXED Duplicate Pirate villager.
FIXED Player synchronization should be smoother.
ADDED "Connecting ..." message when logging in.
CHANGED The Main Menu interface. It is now using a faster and smoother interface. The actual look of the GUI is NOT final. This change will be applied to the rest of the game in time.
ADDED Initial integration of Steam. You can now view and join friends, link your Steam ID so you can skip the login menu and use your Steam profile name. This is only available to the handful of people who have private Steam access right now.

Enjoy! Remember, if you have any feedback you would like to share about the game you can reach out to us and we will chat with you back!

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Jan 06, 2015 The next Astraea update

Hey everyone! We just wanted to give you a quick update regarding the next Astraea patch. We had a patch submitted and ready to launch at midnight on this past Saturday, however shortly before hand we noticed a number of game breaking issues. This has forced us to cancel this patch until these issues are fixed. Unfortunately it involves a bug with the networking library we use, so we are waiting to hear from the developers before we proceed with an update. In the meantime though we are still hard at work on the game! New features and bug fixes will be coming soon!

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Nov 28, 2014 Astraea 1.0.7 Hotfix

Hey everyone!

We noticed the previous update broke a big chunk of the villager AI! We are rolling out a hotfix ASAP! As soon as Desura approves the patch, it will go live on all platforms! It will go live on the Norwind site December 2nd regardless.

Changelog ..

NOTICE This is a hotfix that fixes a bug caused by the previous update that broke the Villager tasks. They would only go to the food market, but this is now fixed.
ADDED 2 new villagers!


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Nov 19, 2014 Astraea Update 1.0.6 - Christmas Part 1

Hey everyone! Tomorrow night at midnight we will be rolling out a fresh Astraea update! We were planning on waiting a few more weeks, but we decided to split the update into two parts because it's already so big! So here is the change log ...

NOTICE Santa has been spotted in nearby villages! If you are on the nice list maybe he will visit you!
ADDED Weather! It will randomly rain and snow!
ADDED A secondary control scheme. The character will move in the direction of where the camera is looking. This can be selected from the options menu.
ADDED More villager animations.
ADDED Christmas buildings.
ADDED Christmas Quest.
ADDED 15 new Christmas items.
ADDED Villager animation speed is synchronized over the network properly.
ADDED Lots of behind the scenes stuff for the next update!
ADDED The building manager now has categories. This will help as more items are added to the game.
ADDED Villagers will say new things when they are fishing and dancing.
ADDED You can now restart your town.
UPDATED Oculus SDK to 0.4.3
CHANGED Clarified the fishing text so it's easier to understand what to do.
CHANGED The Halloween quest is over - but the quest will remain in game for now (due to lack of content). It costs more gold now to unlock however.
CHANGED Rocks and Trees will no longer appear before they are properly loaded during the village loading sequence.
FIXED The chef at the food market will now look at you when you are near.
FIXED Fixed an issue with the Market and Food Market where the top cover would be invisible if you looked from underneath.
FIXED Fixed a bug that could cause double the trees and stones to be spawned when entering your town.
FIXED Fixed a bug that caused your town to be empty if you joined another players town without first completing the tutorial.
FIXED Fixed network stuttering when other players turned left or right.
FIXED Improved network smoothing effect on villagers and other players.
FIXED Some buildings were not able to be moved after being built.
FIXED Fixed an issue with the campfire and teleporter which caused villagers to get stuck on them.
FIXED Fixed an issue with the Villager AI that caused them to go to a food market immediately if they were hungry. This caused villagers to get into a bad state. They will now finish the task (if any), then proceed to the food market.
FIXED Fixed an issue with the Villager AI that caused them to get stuck in a tree that they just planted.
FIXED Fixed an issue with the dock that caused the camera to occasionally lock up.
FIXED Tightened up the Villager AI. They should hardly ever get stuck on things.

Got that all? Well get ready for a whole lot more in the next two weeks! We have the full second part coming right your way soon! As always if you have any suggestions, comments or feedback about this update or the game all together, please drop us a line! We respond to each and every message/email. Your feedback greatly helps shape the game!


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