May 22, 2015 Astraea Update & No Update Next Week!

Hey everyone!

We just finished uploading the new Astraea patch! This update contains a handful of bug fixes and one new addition! Take a look at the change log below ..

ADDED Added the option to have a cat or a puppy. Currently you must choose one during the tutorial so existing towns will have neither pet. You may restart your town, or wait a bit until we add the option the get a pet for existing towns.
FIXED Fixed an issue with joining a game through a Steam invitation.
FIXED Fixed an issue where the player would rotate when typing in the chat box.
FIXED Fixed an issue where the player would be stuck if they started the game with the chat box disabled.
FIXED Increased the size of the collider on the Well. Villagers should no longer get caught on the edge.
FIXED Fixed some cases where the Building window or the Inventory window would pop up when typing.
FIXED Fixed an issue where the Building window would pop up when you selected a kitty.

We are also moving offices on June 1st! As such, there will not be an update next weekend. Updates will resume on June 5th!

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May 17, 2015 Astraea Hotfix

Hi everyone!

We just posted a new Astraea update to all download portals. You may need to wait a day or two to download it from Desura, however everywhere else it is available now.

Today we noticed an issue with the save system that prevented online towns from saving correctly. You must update to this version if you wish to play online.

Here are the changes ..

ADDED Re-added the chatbox.
ADDED Added a server ping in the bottom left corner of the pause menu.
MAJOR Fixed a nasty issue with the save feature. Towns will now be properly saved.
FIXED Steam "Join Game" will now work again.
FIXED Chickens will now lay eggs.
FIXED Cows will now produce milk.
FIXED Santa's gifts can be held.
REMOVED Completely removed the old networking backend from the game.
REMOVED Removed the "View Friends In Towns" button as the functionality behind it has been removed.

We plan on releasing an update this Friday as well. Although, it will likely be smaller now that we had to put one out today!

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May 14, 2015 Astraea Rolling Out May 16!

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since our last update but we have been working very hard on this one. While at first glance it doesn't appear like much has changed, we can assure you a lot has! The biggest change is that we have completely replaced the networking library. Now we can support player run dedicated servers (coming shortly) and more platforms. Right now we are running a few dedicated servers up in the cloud, so that should be fine for the time being. If we notice more people playing at once, we will certainly spin up more servers. If the servers are full though, you can easily create an in-game local server.

The #1 reason for this however, is now we can support every single one of our target platforms. The game will be launching on Steam & Desura later this year but it will also being coming to other platforms. Controllers anyone? Anyway, no need to spoil anything!

Now that this network overhaul is out of the way, the plan is to release updates every Friday night. No matter how big or small the update is! Also here is the change log for this patch ..

MAJOR Brand new networking backend including dedicated servers! Please report any new bugs or glitches!
UPDATED A number of packages to the latest version.
FIXED A whole bunch of bugs. Too many to list!

We have already spotted a few issues with this build (the chickens don't lay eggs, cows don't produce milk and you can't pick up Santa's gifts). These have already been fixed for next Friday's update though. Please report bugs and any issues you find! We definitely appreciate it!

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Apr 27, 2015 Astraea Update - A Network Overhaul

Hi everyone!

We are currently hard at work on the next Astraea update ( As mentioned in a previous post, this update will feature a totally different networking backend (along with the usual bug fixes and new features)! There are a whole bunch of cool features that some gamers may like!

1) Dedicated servers! The new networking framework will allow us to distribute and use dedicated servers! While we will still allow players to simply click "Visit Your Town" (which will run a local server - with privacy options), we can now let players set up their own dedicated servers.

2) More players and customization. With the near arrival of dedicated servers, this will allow players to customize their town even further. Things like the max number of players will be able to be increased to a limitless amount (depending on the hosts bandwidth and capacity of course). Standard servers will remain the same as they are now (8 players max). There are likely other features we could add as well down the road.

3) New platforms! The main reason for this overhaul is that Astraea will now be able to run on all our target platforms. Obviously it's pretty important that multiplayer works on all platforms :). We will be sharing more details about these in the future!

We will keep you informed as we get closer to the release of the next update. Hopefully we will have something ready in a couple weeks!

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Apr 03, 2015 A Word About Astraea And The Future

Hey everyone! It's been an extremely busy year here at Norwind Interactive! Around a year ago we released Astraea: A Small World (or ASW for short). The idea for ASW was to provide a small taste or sliver of the main Astraea game. It provided a very fixed goal and an extremely limited set of buildings to play with.

After a year of feedback we have decided to remove Astraea: ASW from existence. A few quick things to note however ..

- If you own the game, you can still download it on your purchased platform.
- The online servers will remain up for the foreseeable future. Astraea and Astraea: ASW use the same server after all.
- You will not be able to purchase Astraea: ASW any more.

We wanted to clarify why we are doing this as well, so here are a number of reasons that factored into the decision ..

- Touch controls suck, especially for a third person game like this.
- Performance issues. Almost all the mobile devices (and the OUYA) had performance issues with the game. Because ASW lives along side the main Astraea game, any time we added functionality to Astraea, it would immediately carry over to ASW. The simple fact is we don't want mobile devices holding Astraea back. So as a result the performance slid on mobiles.
- Mobiles are not a target platform. Astraea will not be coming to touch screens (except for a companion app).
- The title confuses people! Many people didn't understand that Astraea: ASW was not Astraea! ASW was only meant to be a small demo (but we couldn't use that word on some platforms). Now there is only 1 Astraea game.

So what's next for Astraea then? Well lots of good things! We are still very hard at work on the game and it is our primary focus! As you know the game is available on Windows, Mac and Linux right now (which can be purchased through Desura or our site). Later this year, when the game fully launches, it will be available on Steam as well as other unannounced platforms. We are also hoping to have some sort of companion app that will launch along side the game. We are still planning this out, but it will be available on mobile devices for sure. So lots of cool things to come yet!

Besides that we are also waiting for Super Kart Mania to pass review on PlayStation Mobile (for PSVita and PSTV). As soon as that happens, we will also deploy an update for the OUYA and new platforms (iOS and GameStick).

Thanks everyone for all your support! Lets have a great rest of the year!

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