Sep 26, 2014 Astraea 1.0.4 & Astraea: ASW 1.2.5 Update Out Now!

Hey everyone! Both Astraea and Astraea: A Small World have received updates on all platforms today! Check out the change log below ...

Astraea (v.1.0.4)

- Notice All online towns have been reset for this update!
- Notice This is a smaller update that will help combat griefers.
- Added You can now disable the chat box & music.
- Added You can now lock your town (in the pause menu). This will prevent your town from being listed in the lobby.
- Added You can now kick players from your village (in the pause menu)!

Here is the change log for Astraea: ASW (v1.2.5)

* Note *
All towns will need to be restarted for this update.

- Improved performance.
- Villagers will now plant flowers in front of their house from time to time.
- Villagers will stand in front of their house instead of idling in the back.
- Villagers will plant trees to help out!
- Villagers can now place flowers in a pot on their porch.
- Villagers will occasionally build a bird house on their front lawn.


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Sep 19, 2014 Astraea 1.0.3 Rolling Out Tonight

Hey everyone! Tonight at midnight patch 1.0.3 will be available for download on our website and Desura! Check out the patch notes ...

Added Players can now build a Church.
Added Players can now build a Pond.
Added Players can now build a Windmill.
Updated Villagers will now plant flowers in front of their house from time to time.
Updated Villagers will stand in front of their house instead of idling in the back.
Updated Villagers will plant trees to help out!
Updated Villagers can now place flowers in a pot on their porch.
Updated Villagers will occasionally build a bird house on their front lawn.
Fixed a bug that caused players to be able to drive multiple boats at once.

We are already hard at work on the next patch and we are expecting that to roll out next weekend *crosses fingers*.

We are also submitting an update for Astraea: ASW this weekend! We hope to have that available next weekend as well!

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Sep 06, 2014 Astraea 1.0.2 rolling out early! As in ... Now!

Hey everyone! We decided to roll out 1.0.2 a week early! We have some exciting news about Astraea coming in a few days, so we decided to get this update out before hand. We are already hard at work on the next update and we plan to have that ready in a few weeks. Anyways, on to the changelog!

-- NOTICE --
All online towns have been wiped for this alpha release. Updating to this version will also require offline towns to be restarted.

- Added the ability to build a campfire.
- Added player names above players. Now you can see who is in your town!
- Added a day/night cycle. This is saved between sessions and will not progress while not playing.
- Added in-game chat. Remember, no swearing. If you are reported by a player we will take appropriate action.
- Updated the Oculus SDK to the latest version - currently in early testing stages. The camera has noticeable stutter on our machines, so development on the Oculus has slowed for the time being (the stutter causes us to get dizzy). To get a glimpse of the Oculus, simply plug in your DK1 or DK2 into your computer and visit a town. There is no real functionality or GUI in Oculus mode yet! More to come!
- New theme song! This track will play 1 time and will NOT loop. It seems many players disliked the looping track previously, so for now this is a quick fix. We want to add more music tracks that cycle down the road.

We hope you enjoy this update and as always we look forward to your feedback!

Lastly, we are ready to release an Astraea: ASW update. We are patiently waiting for Unity to be updated (see the post below for more on this). If we don't see a Unity update by next weekend, we will release an update on all platforms except iOS & Mac OSX. As soon as this is resolved, we will immediately submit an update!

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Aug 29, 2014 Astraea 1.0.1 Is Out!

Hey everyone! Today at midnight version 1.0.1 rolled out on all platforms! You can snag the latest version from your Norwind account or Desura client (depending where you bought it). The game will also prompt you to update the next time you login to the game. In order to play online, we will require clients to be up to date. If you wish to play offline, you technically never have to update. Though we recommend you do! You can check out the change log in the previous post.

We have also submitted 1.0.2 today to Desura. We have set the release date to September 12, so it will be released simultaneously on our website and the Desura client. There are a bunch of really cool features in the next version (which we will talk about soon). The build on Sept 12 will also require a town wipe (due to some really big changes).

Lastly, for Astraea: ASW players - we were planning on submitting an update a couple days ago but unfortunately Apple has changed their Mac App Store review policy which is causing ALL Unity games to be rejected. If you don't believe us, you can check out this Unity forum thread. We are planning on holding out a couple more weeks max, and if no update is released by Unity, the next Astraea: ASW version will simply skip the Mac App Store until we can submit it.

As always, we are listening to your feedback and if you have something you would like to see done to the game just let us know!

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Aug 21, 2014 Astraea Alpha Is Available!

Hey everyone! The alpha for Astraea officially launched on Sunday and so far everything has been running very well. We have been monitoring our server load very closely and we haven't noticed any issues so far.

We are excited to say that we submitted version 1.0.1 today to Desura, so as soon as that is approved (likely late next week) it will be released! This new update includes a much desired feature - offline mode! This will allow you to either login with your Norwind account (and play online) or play offline by choosing a custom player name (which saves only to your device).

We also threw in 1 more building that you can place down!

We really wanted to get this version out ASAP because having the option to play offline is pretty important. So that is why this update is smaller than usual. We are already hard at work on the next update though! We are adding more content and working on an updated GUI! We are aiming to have updates coming out every 2 weeks or so.

One last note about version 1.0.1 - we will NOT be performing an online town wipe for this version! We will only do this if we make big changes that require a server wipe. Offline towns will always work with the same game version, however there may be times where offline towns will be refreshed upon upgrading versions.

Lastly, for all your Astraea: ASW players! Don't worry, we have content coming to you soon! We hope to release an update in early September!

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