Jun 13, 2015 Astraea Released!

Hello everyone! Today we rolled out version Here are the changes ..

FIXED You can now see the fish that another player catches.
FIXED Fixed issues where game objects would not be destroyed on connected clients.
FIXED Fixed an issue where the weather wouldn't show properly.
FIXED Fixed an issue where you could purchase more than one boat.
FIXED Fish are now parented to the player.
ADDED Fish are now swimming in the lake.
ADDED Added the ability to host your town on a specific server. This will be useful later when players can run their own servers.

We submitted this to Desura as well, but we are not sure if it will be released.

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Jun 09, 2015 Astraea No Longer For Sale On Desura

Hello everyone! Before reading this, please check out our previous post below if you haven't read it already.

Since we have not been paid out by Desura for over 6 months, we are locking down purchases on the Desura site. We have set the game to "Invite Only" which should prevent new players from purchasing the game. Existing players should still be able to download it (please let us know if this is not the case).

If new players want to participate in the alpha, you can do so by heading over to our site. We strongly recommend you wait until the game is finished however (for the best experience)! In the meantime we will continue to push alpha builds regularly, though we have no idea if they will go live on Desura (as each update needs to be approved).

Lastly, as we have mentioned before - please reach out to us if you own the game on Desura. While the game is 100% DRM free and you can keep the game if Desura shuts down, we would like to set up all players with an account on our site so you can continue receiving updates.

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Jun 05, 2015 Desura Bankruptcy & Astraea Owners

Hi Everyone!

In case you haven't heard the news ( Gamasutra.com ), it appears Desura has filed for bankruptcy. At this time we haven't heard anything from Desura themselves, however we wanted to reach out to all Astraea players immediately.

If you own the game on Desura, please reach out to us and we will set you up with an account on our website with a copy of the game. By doing this you can guarantee that you will receive regular updates for the game, as well as a Steam key when Astraea launches (not for a while).

If something happens to Desura before Astraea launches and you haven't reached out to us by then, there is a high possibility you will lose access to the game and will be unable to receive a Steam key.

We know as much as everyone else at this point - so we will continue posting game updates as usual until further notice.

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May 22, 2015 Astraea Update & No Update Next Week!

Hey everyone!

We just finished uploading the new Astraea patch! This update contains a handful of bug fixes and one new addition! Take a look at the change log below ..

ADDED Added the option to have a cat or a puppy. Currently you must choose one during the tutorial so existing towns will have neither pet. You may restart your town, or wait a bit until we add the option the get a pet for existing towns.
FIXED Fixed an issue with joining a game through a Steam invitation.
FIXED Fixed an issue where the player would rotate when typing in the chat box.
FIXED Fixed an issue where the player would be stuck if they started the game with the chat box disabled.
FIXED Increased the size of the collider on the Well. Villagers should no longer get caught on the edge.
FIXED Fixed some cases where the Building window or the Inventory window would pop up when typing.
FIXED Fixed an issue where the Building window would pop up when you selected a kitty.

We are also moving offices on June 1st! As such, there will not be an update next weekend. Updates will resume on June 5th!

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May 17, 2015 Astraea Hotfix

Hi everyone!

We just posted a new Astraea update to all download portals. You may need to wait a day or two to download it from Desura, however everywhere else it is available now.

Today we noticed an issue with the save system that prevented online towns from saving correctly. You must update to this version if you wish to play online.

Here are the changes ..

ADDED Re-added the chatbox.
ADDED Added a server ping in the bottom left corner of the pause menu.
MAJOR Fixed a nasty issue with the save feature. Towns will now be properly saved.
FIXED Steam "Join Game" will now work again.
FIXED Chickens will now lay eggs.
FIXED Cows will now produce milk.
FIXED Santa's gifts can be held.
REMOVED Completely removed the old networking backend from the game.
REMOVED Removed the "View Friends In Towns" button as the functionality behind it has been removed.

We plan on releasing an update this Friday as well. Although, it will likely be smaller now that we had to put one out today!

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